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1. A community of bad-ass biotech ladies, leading mission-driven teams developing innovative solutions to our world's biggest problems. 

2. A network of female leaders supporting each other's wins, fails, and everything in between.

3. Not that Babel...Nuff said

Antonym: boy's club boat shoe-wearing bio-bros

As a collective of female founders in biotech, we are pioneers of progress advancing all people and planet through the creation of innovative solutions by challenging the status quo of entrepreneurship.

Fact: Less than 3% of venture capital funds female founders.

We're changing that.

We're turning passion into action by:






a supportive technical female community

more capital investment in women-led companies

women's voices & acting

as a collective thought leader for the field 

the momentum of female entrepreneurship in technical fields

the lack of diversity of biotech & celebrating intersectionality

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